Amanda Wose
Creative, Owner, & Principal Photographer

Desperate to create beauty in a world that felt dark, Amanda first picked up a used, entry-level Nikon in 2016. It was as if a spark ignited. Leaving behind a stable and lucrative career, she began building her craft and a thriving business from the ground up.

Amanda is fueled by a desire to preserve the best humanity has to offer: our love for one another. She draws her inspiration from classic literature, sprawling wildflower fields, thoughtful design and architecture, and her travels across the world, particularly Europe.

A carefully crafted, collaborative process is the heartbeat of Amanda's work. She strives to form relationships with both the client and creative team, ensuring a cohesive and consistent approach to every project.

When she's not working, you can most likely find Amanda nose-deep in a Jane Austen novel, spending time outdoors with her family, or planning her next escape to the French countryside.

Amanda firmly believes in the beauty and validity of all love stories. She is committed to the promotion of diversity and inclusivity, knowing that it is our differences that make our stories unique and beautiful. All are welcome and celebrated here.



There's something about enjoying a leisurely two hour lunch, an aperol spritz, and simply watching the world go by.

Bustling Parisian Cafes

Amanda and her husband, Adam, have two little girls, plus a baby boy on the way. Life is chaotic, but magical.

Her children, Caroline and Eleanor

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White marble forever holds a special place in Amanda's heart, especially when balanced with the organic beauty of the nature surrounding it.

Classic DC Architecture

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