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Dressing for Your Portrait Session

Selecting an outfit for a portrait session can be SO overwhelming. Getting dressed day to day is hard enough as it is, but for images that be around for decades? Helloooo, paralysis. That’s why I’m so ridiculously excited to have partnered with Rent the Runway to include wardrobe for her in every portrait session.

If you’ve never heard of RTR, here’s how it works: Rent the Runway is an extensive collection of designer dresses, ranging from casual to formal in a vast array of sizes and styles. There’s truly something for everyone. Every dress includes IRL photos and detailed reviews, and RTR even sends two sizes so that the dress is sure to fit. They’ve thought of EVERYTHING!

 A few of my favorite Rent the Runway pieces for spring. Don't forget to accessorize!

A few of my favorite Rent the Runway pieces for spring. Don’t forget to accessorize!

This spring, I’m loving soft floral prints, blush tones, and navy as a neutral. I recommend staying away from stark white when planning your family portraits, as the eye will immediately be drawn to it in photographs (now you know the *real* reason brides favor white!). Accessories such as wide-brimmed hats, statement necklaces, and floral crowns are beautiful pieces that can easily be removed to effortlessly change your look.

Still a bit overwhelmed? Not to worry, I will help you plan every detail of your family’s attire for your session! You’ll receive my complete family styling guide when you book your session, so that hubby and the kids can look (almost) as fantastic as you will.

Click the button below to start planning your session today!

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