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A Morning with the Lopes Family

This family is SO ridiculously sweet! Dennisse and I totally hit it off during her consultation, chatting away like old friends for the better part of an hour late one evening several weeks before the session. A few days later I receive an email from Dennisse – she’d broken her foot (ouch!) but still wanted to go on with the session. Talk about a mama determined to create some new family photos!

Not to be deterred by a little broken foot, I scouted out a beautiful location in downtown Annapolis where the kids could run free, yet mama could stay comfortable and not have to walk too much.

 Poor third child. How many younger siblings out there can relate to this?!

Poor third child. How many younger siblings out there can relate to this?!

We had a blast getting silly with the kids, and Nico totally stole the show from his sisters. This little man is going to keep Dennisse and Tony on their toes, that’s for sure!

These parents have their hands full with three young children and when Dennisse broke her foot, her mom, Elba, traveled from Puerto Rico to stay with the family and help out. This was an incredible opportunity to include grandma in the portrait session! Generational photos are so beautiful, and watching Elba laugh with delight and soak up the time with her grandbabies was so sweet.

Tony will be called out of town for work for several months beginning in the fall, so this was a chance to capture some beautiful images of him with his children. Baby girl looks just like him, don’t you think!?

And at last, we got Nico to sit still for 1/200th of a second! I always tell my parents, that’s all I need to make some magic!

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