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Abby & Casey | A Surprise Proposal!

Now that the news is public, I can finally share it with you, too: I photographed a PROPOSAL on Friday evening! Abby’s mom, Kim, booked a session for their family several weeks ago. As we were planning the details, she mentioned that Abby’s boyfriend, Casey, wanted to propose to Abby during the session with all of her family there. Isn’t that the SWEETEST!?

So naturally, I had to talk to Casey and help him pull this off! Abby’s mom put us in touch, and after a covert phone call, we had a plan. I’d wait to photograph him and Abby last so that they’d have the dreamiest sunset light. {And let’s be honest, there’d be no going back to posing for pictures after a big moment like that!} We even talked about exactly where he should kneel to ensure the best possible photographs.

As Leigh and I arrived at the park, we noticed a large group of people waiting near the area I’d planned to use for the session. Cue some internal panic, thinking I might have to work around another photographer! But as luck would have it, it was actually Casey’s family, ready and waiting to hide on the property and pop out after the big moment to congratulate the big couple! They quickly hid out of sight and waited for the right moment.

If Casey was nervous during the actual session, it didn’t show at all! We had to pretend that we’d never spoken before, and Abby didn’t suspect a thing. Right on cue, as the sun slipped into the horizon behind them, Casey dropped to one knee to ask Abby to marry him. So many shocked, happy tears and big hugs followed! Casey’s family ran out with champagne to toast the newly engaged couple, which was the perfect touch!

Abby said she felt like it was totally Pinterest worthy, but I say it’s even better than Pinterest because it’s THEIR story! I love that their families got to witness the big moment. I can only imagine how fun the wedding will be! To all you guys out there planning to propose this holiday season, Casey’s plan is the way to go!

Congratulations, Abby & Casey! Wishing you all the best as you begin planning your wedding!

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  1. Pat Summy says:

    Congratulations, they make a beautiful couple. I’am sure Kim is over the moon.

  2. Mary Lou says:

    Aint love grand!!

  3. Judie and Mike Carson says:

    Congratulations Abby and Casey!!

    All our love and Blessings, Mike and Judie Carson

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