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Megan & Evan | A Romantic & Rainy Downtown Annapolis Engagement Session

A Romantic & Rainy Downtown Annapolis Engagement Session

There’s a saying here in Maryland that if you don’t like the weather, just stick around for five minutes because it’ll change. This was totally true for Megan and Evan’s engagement session last week! When we first met at the docks in downtown Annapolis, it was full sun and beautiful with no hint of trouble on the radar.

I’ve already photographed these two before when their son, Oliver, was born, so it felt like meeting old friends. Megan is also in the wedding industry herself, so it was fun getting to hear her perspective on wedding planning! At one point, Megan joked that it rains on 50% of wedding days. Well, it also rained on 50% of their engagement session, so that statistic must be true!

We were headed to a second location near the State House, when I noticed dark clouds forming nearby. The streets were emptying, too – never a good sign! Sure enough, I glanced at the radar again to see a severe storm notification. A downpour was just four minutes away, even though it had been cloudless and sunny just moments earlier. I broke the news to Megan, and she was thrilled! She told me that she secretly wanted rain photos, and Mother Nature delivered!

I actually love it when weather doesn’t cooperate during engagement sessions, because I want my couples to trust that beautiful images can be created in any situation! These two are so easy to work with, and sure enough, the images in the rain are my absolute favorite.

Please enjoy getting to know these two through a few more images from their session! Can’t wait for the wedding in March!

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