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A Georgetown Personal Branding Session

A Georgetown Personal Branding Session

A branding shoot ONE YEAR in the making finally happened yesterday! Kara reached out last summer to book a branding session to kick off a new business venture. Life had other plans and her career field took a bit of a turn, only to bring her right back to entrepreneurship this year! Isn’t it amazing how everything just seems to work out in its own time? We met in Georgetown yesterday to create branding photographs for her new website and social media. Just wait until you see how much fun we had!

I always encourage several complementing outfits for branding sessions, and Kara’s choices did not disappoint! She chose a color palette of blush and white, accessorizing in pops of black neutrals. Her brand is feminine and fun, high end yet approachable, and I just LOVE how that shines through in these images! We’ve kept in touch via social media, so working together felt like meeting an old friend.

Kara is so sweet and kind hearted, and I know her clients are going to love that about her too! She’s starting a wedding coaching business to help brides manage the stress of wedding planning. Okay Kara, where were you when I was getting married?! This is such an amazing concept. Weddings always seem to bring any underlying tensions to the surface, and her clients are going to be so lucky to have her!

Please enjoy a few of my faves from her branding session. Thanks so much for trusting me, Kara!

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