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How to Use Pinterest Effectively to Plan Your Wedding

Pinterest is so much more than a social media platform – it’s a visual search engine. Everything from recipes to workout regimens to home design ideas can be found there, and it’s no secret that couples love Pinterest for wedding planning too! However, it’s so important to use this powerful tool effectively. Read on for a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to using Pinterest for wedding planning!

Pinterest is for inspiration, not imitation.

Most of us benefit from seeing a visual representation of what we’re envisioning, especially when it comes to event design. This is what makes Pinterest so great! Use it to see how colors will look together in a reception space, to visualize your dream bridal bouquet, or to get ideas for hairstyles. And please do share your board with your wedding vendors!

However, it’s important to trust your vendors to take your inspiration and turn it into something original. They’re the professionals, and they can turn your dreams into a reality if you give them the freedom to! Expecting vendors to copy something verbatim from Pinterest will only lead to frustration on both sides.

Look for trends in your pins.

This is especially important when it comes to your wedding photographer! There are so many styles out there, from trendy dark and moody, to fine art light and airy, and everything in between. Pay attention to the feel of the images that you’re pinning, and try to define exactly what it is that you’re drawn to. Is it the lighting, the posing, the editing style?

Once you’ve figured out which factors you love, you can start to evaluate potential photographers based on them. Do you love your potential photographer’s portfolio? Is it what you envision your own wedding photographs looking like? Photographers don’t change their shooting and editing style on a whim, so it’s crucial to LOVE their work as it is!

Collaborate early!

Hand in hand with the above, make sure you’re communicating your vision early! This is especially important with vendors such as your florist and wedding planner, as design elements can start to add up quickly. Your vendor team can evaluate both your vision and your budget to make sure they line up, and can make recommendations on where to save or splurge to help you get what you want.

Before sharing your boards, take a quick look to ensure they’re truly in line with your wedding day vision. Don’t be afraid to delete pins that are no longer relevant! This will help your team narrow in on your vision!

I hope these tips help you use Pinterest even more effectively! For more wedding planning inspiration and advice, connect with me on Pinterest! And if you’d like to chat about having me as your wedding photographer, send me a note!

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