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An Autumn Engagement Session at Jefferson Patterson Park

Erin & Tim

Have you ever been somewhere so many times, that it starts to get hard to see it in a new light? That’s EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling about Jefferson Patterson Park lately. This park is a photographer’s DREAM and it’s just a 10-12 minute drive from my house – which means I am here all the time for client sessions! With that in mind, lately, I’ve been challenging myself to shoot in “new” places throughout the park. That’s exactly what you’re going to see in Erin and Tim’s engagement session, and the result was pretty epic!

It was nonstop laughing and fun from the moment I met these two. Tim said right away that it was so much easier and more fun than he was expecting – I take that as a HUGE win!!! Erin and I bonded over our love of classic horror movies, which proved to be a little ominous foreshadowing…

But first, let me tell you about Erin and Tim. These two have been together for over eight years! They met through mutual friends and you can tell by seeing them interact, that they’re a perfect match for each other. Tim is a total goofball and Erin has one of the most beautiful laughs I’ve ever seen. And YES, you can totally see a laugh! They’d never had professional portraits created before, but they did such a great job with these totally on-season casual and formal outfits!

We started out near the visitor’s center and then made our way to the corn fields. Erin and Tim were literally PROS in no time, and they even got into the corn for a few epic portraits!

Erin mentioned that she’d never been to Jefferson Patterson Park before, but Tim had – and he asked if we could go check out the old manor home that’s on the property. I had everything I needed by that point, so I was like, YES, let’s go check out the house! Engagement sessions aren’t just about creating portraits – it’s also a chance for us to hang out and have fun together so that we feel like old friends on the wedding day – so I’m always up for an adventure.

We made our way up to the manor home, which I’ve passed countless times but never actually visited, and we instantly felt ALLLL the creepy vibes. The outside of the home is beautiful and is still being landscaped by the park, but you can tell no one has set foot inside the home for a long, long time. The three of us walked all around the house and found the most gorgeous glowy light, so it was the perfect place to wrap up the session! We joked that I might have to check the images for ghosts and orbs afterwards, but I’m relieved to report that all I found in my photos was this gorgeous couple!

Congratulations, Erin and Tim! Please enjoy a few of my favorites!

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