Must-Have Baby Items for the 3-6 Month Phase

May 26, 2023

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I can’t believe we’ve got a six month old on our hands! It seems like just yesterday, we were bringing Henry home from the hospital. You can read his birth story HERE, but today, I’m sharing all the must-have baby items that have been lifesavers as we’ve transitioned out of the newborn phase! If you’re looking for our newborn essentials guide, click HERE!

Must-Have Baby Items for Ages 3-6 Months

  1. Kyte Baby Sleep Bags: all of our babies loved being swaddled, and Henry was no exception! However, swaddling becomes unsafe once babies being to roll. Someone recommended Kyte Baby to us and now I’m hooked! These sleep sacks are the softest things in the world and I love that they come in multiple thicknesses for different seasons. We have two of them and I’m seriously considering buying the sheets for our own bed as well, they’re just that comfy!
  2. Nuna Baby Stroller: while I primarily babywore with our girls, I use the stroller 99% of the time with Henry. I think this is due to a few things: first, I’m pretty much home full-time with Henry, so I don’t necessarily need the extra bonding time that babywearing offers. Second, our Nuna stroller is just SO freaking amazing! No awkward struggling to get it open in the Target parking lot! I can open and close it with one hand which is such a game changer. Highly, highly recommend the Nuna system, it’s lightyears ahead of what we used with the girls!
  3. Willow Go Breast Pump: if you hate being chained to a traditional breast pump as much as I do, you’re going to LOVE the Willow Go. I wouldn’t say that it’s fully discreet, but with the right top, you can easily stick it into your bra and go about your day while you pump! I use mine every wedding day and it saves so much hassle.
  4. Boobie Bars and Legendairy Lactation Supplements: my supply took a major hit in month four, when I traveled to Charleston to photograph my first postpartum wedding. It was bad enough that I thought our breastfeeding journey would be coming to an early end, until I found this duo of products at Target! Using both together made a huge difference and turned things around within just a day or two. Henry is thriving and we’re still going strong with breastfeeding!
  5. Freezable Cooler and Pump Bag: as a wedding photographer, the nature of my job means I’m often working in remote areas with no access to cold storage for 8-10 hours at a time. I was really nervous about how I’d be able to transport and safely store my breast pump, accessories, and milk. This cooler and bag combo has been such a lifesaver! The bag is the perfect size to hold my pump, extra accessories, and extra water bottles. I actually used the freezable cooler on a flight home from Vegas to DC after a destination portrait session. After about 10 hours of travel, the milk was still frozen when I got home!
  6. Baby Jumper: this baby jumper by Fisher Price is a godsend to WFH parents. Henry absolutely loves this jumper and happily jumps away in it for 20-30 minutes at a time or even longer, and it’s definitely helped with his core and leg strength! Truly a must-have baby item in our house.
  7. H&M Baby Clothes: a few months ago I asked my Instagram feed where to find cute baby boy clothes, and the resounding answer was H&M. Y’all were totally right! I’m absolutely obsessed with their selection and have bought so much from them already. The quality and pricing are great, and they have tons of neutral options!
  8. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair: I did NOT like the look of this high chair when I first saw it and now, I cannot imagine using anything else. The Stokke is so cute and compact, perfect for small spaces. I love that it can pull right up to the dinner table and because it’s such a large item, the aesthetics of it are great too! As someone that used a cheap, clunky high chair with her first babies, I’m here to tell you the Tripp Trapp is a must-have baby item worth every penny.
  9. Ladida Play Mat: if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly dupe for the Lovevery play mat, this is it! At less than half the price, this play mat is a great alternative. Henry plays on his every day! I will say that many of my clients have the Lovevery mat and that one is definitely beautiful in person, but in the long run, this is an easy way to save some money.
  10. Vick’s Wall Plug Ins: Henry has already had a few colds and some bad allergy congestion. It’s so hard when our babies are sick, because there’s not much we can give them! However, these wall plug ins have been a huge help for all of us when we’re congested. They’re waterless and nonmedicated, but so effective!

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