Snow Day | Amanda Wose Photography


Jan 8, 2017

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Southern Maryland got a little treat today in the form of a snow day! I had a newborn session planned for today, but with a winter storm looming, we decided to reschedule and I got to enjoy a day snowed in with Adam and the girls. Squishy newborn goodness still to come, next weekend!

Once she realized what was falling from the sky outside, Caroline and the windows were inseparable.

 Soon we ventured outside. Caroline didn’t seem to mind the 46 layers we had her wear. I had a blast shooting in the snow, capturing Caroline’s genuine wonder at the flurries swirling around her.

She and our golden retriever, Charlie, chased each other around the yard. Both enjoying catching snowflakes on their tongues.

After a busy holiday season, I found it refreshing to be snowed in on the first Saturday of 2017 and spend some time together as a family. Now if only the Christmas tree would disappear…