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Baby Hancock | Amanda Wose Photography

There’s no time sweeter or faster-fleeting than the newborn weeks. The cycle of sleepy snuggles and loooooong feeding sessions, punctuated by one joyous milestone after another (was that a smile or just gas?!), seem like they’ll never end, but they do. That’s why I feel called to document it for my clients, to create art from this all-too-short time in their lives.

Recently I had the joy of spending a morning with baby Hunter, just 18 days new. Hunter has two older siblings, big brother James and big sister Allison, who are just absolutely smitten with their new little brother. And can you blame them? Just look at this handsome little boy!

Hunter’s session featured lots of little personal touches, such as the knit hat shown above made by his aunt. And when his mom showed me this sweet keepsake box with Hunter’s name on it, I knew we had to use it! Despite already being a few weeks old at the session, we still got some amazing shots of this sleepy babe.

I love to mix in a few lifestyle images whenever I can, to show how everyone in the family is adjusting to their newest member. Allison loves playing peek-a-boo with Hunter, and I just love how mesmerized James is by him. So, so sweet!

That’s a wrap for baby Hunter! Keep an eye on the blog for more newborn session recaps, coming soon.

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