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Baby Connor | Amanda Wose Photography

I have the greatest job in the world.

Sure, the occupational hazards include the risk of getting peed on (or worse) and posing newborns requires the patience of Job, BUT LOOK AT THIS BOY. Connor is just the sweetest little babe, with big, thoughtful eyes and beautiful fair skin. He is most definitely his mama’s twin, and he has his parents wrapped around his finger! They affectionately refer to him as “Peanut”, which suits Connor perfectly.

Connor slept for much of the session, and was happy to let me pose him however I liked. He was so patient with me!

When Connor and his parents visited my studio to view their gallery, I couldn’t believe how much bigger and different Connor already looked. Newborns literally grow and change right before our eyes, and I feel so blessed to be able to capture those sleepy, early days.

That’s a wrap for baby Connor! Coming soon to the blog: a studio tour and questions you must ask your newborn photographer. Until next time!

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