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Jaxon’s newborn session was like stepping in to a time machine. When Marie told me that her older son, Kenny, was just 21 months old, I knew what we would be in for – that’s exactly the age spread between my girls.

 The face of a boy who is no longer an only child.

The face of a boy who is no longer an only child.

Kenny kept us on our toes, but nonetheless we had an absolutely wonderful session. Some say “two under two” like it’s a bad thing, but there is already so much love between these brothers. Hang in there, mama, it will get easier!

As for Jaxon, he was such a dream to photograph. Maybe it’s because he’s a second baby and already used to perpetual noise, but he slept like a rock throughout almost the entire session. One of Jaxon’s most striking features is a birthmark located near his hairline.

It was important to me that I capture that birthmark, because I know that as soon as time goes by and his hair grows in, it likely won’t be seen anymore. Little characteristics like these are why I’m passionate about newborn photography and documenting these new little people as soon as possible – they change so darn fast!

That’s a wrap for the Boren boys! Next up: a GORGEOUS maternity session recap, and two personal projects: a studio tour and my first “First Friday” segment. Stay tuned!

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