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You are worth it.

Read that again: YOU. ARE. WORTH. IT.

I talked a little last week about “exist in photographs” and why pictures are important. Yes, they’re our legacy and it’s how our grandchildren and great grandchildren will remember us. Yes, portraits look lovely on our walls and getting some likes on Facebook is cool. But —

I want to lose twenty pounds. I need to go shopping. I still haven’t found the perfect shade of lipstick. My kid won’t keep a bow in her hair. And the baby is teething. And my husband probably won’t cooperate. And DEAR LORD my roots are terrible.


Document you – as you are RIGHT NOW. There is beauty within you, and YOU DESERVE TO SEE IT. You deserve to see the way your husband looks at you while you comfort your child. You deserve to see your daughter dancing the way toddlers do, without a care in the world. You are worthy of JUST ONCE being in a photo instead of behind the camera, and you are worthy of seeing your own beauty.

Don’t wait. I will help you with your reservations and personal hangups. The words above are my OWN objections, and I’m here to help you through those feelings. I empower you to acknowledge those reservations, look them in the eye, and rise above them.

I’m going to rise above, not just for my legacy, but for ME. RIGHT NOW. Let’s rise above, together.

We’re worth it.

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