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2017 Bucket List

You guys, 2017 has been an INCREDIBLE year so far. I’ve met some amazing families, and found better ways to love and serve them. Biggest of all, I made a huge career change that allows me more time with my family and greater flexibility to grow my studio into what I want it to become.

But — I still have big goals to achieve this year. I’m putting these out into the universe because once they’re out there, the pressure is really on to make them a reality!

1. Book a wedding.
This one is tough to verbalize, so I’m putting it at the top of the list. I have so many mental blocks around weddings (am I good enough? what if I miss a crucial moment?), but I know in my heart that weddings are my passion. Adam and I were discussing goals last night and he looked at me and simply said, “you’ve got to start photographing weddings.” And he’s right. I’ve taken countless classes and workshops on the subject of wedding photography, I know what I need to do the job well, and it’s literally been a lifelong dream of mine. It’s time to get there.

2. Travel.
I want to hit the beach. I want to go camping with Adam and the girls in backwoods Virginia, with zero cellphone reception for days at a time. We haven’t been to Florida to visit my dad since before the girls were born – time to fix that (and maybe visit a certain mouse in Orlando)! Most importantly, I want to renew my passport and traipse around the UK with Adam. If “Euroadtrip” isn’t already a word, I’m coining it now! We’re long overdue for an adults-only vacay.

3. Start biking again.
I biked nearly every day the year that Adam and I got married, and I was in the best shape of my life because of it. Now that I work from home, there’s no excuse not to get back into the habit. Exercise is crucial for clearing the mind and keeping the body strong, and Lord knows I could use some help losing the Ellie-weight! I want my girls to see their mama as a strong, confident, healthy woman. 

Okay, even just writing these down is so empowering! What goals do you have for the remainder of 2017?

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