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Dressing for Family Portraits

Happy Monday, guys! One question I hear alllll the time is: what should my family wear for our session? Dressing three or more humans can seem SO overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Just follow these simple tips for flawless styling and when all else fails, call me!

1. Choose a color palette that defines you and your family.

That may sound overwhelming, but chances are, you’ve already subconsciously done it! Check out the mood board above that I created for myself. If you know me, this likely instantly made you think “that’s so Amanda”, right? That’s because these colors are the essence of me and have been for years – they were my wedding colors, the palette in which I decorated my home, and the colors I tend to wear most often. I am naturally drawn to these shades, and it shows in everything I do. Take a look around your home and go for a stroll in your closet, and then build a palette of 4-5 colors (a range of bold, light, and neutral) from there.

2. Styled can still be comfortable.

No need to pull out the tux and ball gown for your family portrait (unless you want to!). For most families, “snappy casual” is the most authentic way to go. For mom, this typically means a dress or skirt with a defined waist to show her figure. For dad and the boys, they’ll look best in well-fitting dark-wash jeans. Stick to your color palette for the family in a way that’s coordinated, but not matchy-matchy. And don’t forget, your session includes one outfit from Rent the Runway for mom, so we can build the whole family’s look around that selection.

3. Layers, layers, layers.

This is where we can really add interest and depth to your family portraits. Is your daughter always begging to wear flowers in her hair? Today is the day. Have a gorgeous wide-brimmed hat but nowhere to wear it? It’ll photograph beautifully. Does hubby have a blazer that makes him look like a GQ model? Have him wear it, and then head out for a date night after your session. Accessories that can easily be taken on and off are PERFECT for effortlessly creating different looks for your portraits.

I hope these tips have helped! Click the button below to receive our complete family styling guide, and email hello@amandawosephotography.com to start planning your session today!

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