Product Review: Folio Box

Sep 4, 2017

Nearly every client asks which of my products is my personal favorite – hands down, it’s the folio box. Why? The folio box is versatile, stunningly gorgeous, and most importantly, archival.

Each box measures 11×14 and includes an assortment of 8×10 portraits, matted to 11×14. This is the PERFECT size to either frame and create a wall gallery, gift the images to loved ones, or even display one at a time on an easel, while keeping the other images tucked away safely.

The moment you hold a folio box in your hands, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the beauty. The folio box is handcrafted by skilled artisans, right here in the USA – in fact, each box takes over six hours to create. From the supple linen cover to the black lining and satin ribbon within, each detail screams quality.

Last but not least, the folio box is truly the best way to protect your images and ensure that they are enjoyed well beyond your own lifetime. The mat and lustre coating on each portrait protects them from fingerprints, and the box itself ensures that they are safe from harm while not in use. Imagine your grandchild finding this box in your attic one day and the joy the images within will bring.

I love this product so much that I’ve based all of my collections around it. Want to come see one for yourself? Let’s set up a complimentary consultation!




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