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Why I Create a Timeline for Every Wedding

You’ve heard it a million times – your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye. The months (or years!) of planning and preparation will be over before you know it, and the next day, all you’ll have is your groom and your photographs.

It’s my job to make sure the latter are pretty freaking great, and if there’s one thing that has more impact than ANY other factor, it’s the timeline. I can work with crazy weather, your Uncle Bob who insists in shooting over my shoulder, even poor lighting or a small venue. But a wedding day timeline can make or break any celebration, which is why I start drafting yours before you’ve even signed a contract. Why?

First, to manage expectations. If a bride tells me that detail shots and getting ready photos are really important to her and that she’s dying to have a first look, then I can tell her point blank: I will need to arrive at least three hours prior to the ceremony to create those images. I am always looking out for my bride, and it wouldn’t be right to hear what’s important to her and then agree to just show up an hour before the ceremony starts. I can’t document moments that I literally wasn’t present for, and having control over the timeline ensures that I give my clients what they want.

Second, to establish trust and rapport with the bride. I was a wedding coordinator for a few years during college, and I LIVE for event planning and logistics. Believe it or not, I’m likely thinking about your wedding just as much as you are! From researching your venue, continuing my education, and coordinating with other vendors, I want to you to know that your wedding is important to me. I love emailing back and forth with my brides in the weeks and months leading up to the event, adjusting little details and sneaking in Facetime chats to weigh in on decor choices. All of this culminates in creating genuine friendships with my clients, which makes my job a breeze on the wedding day!

And finally, because I’m a little bit selfish. Listen, I can create beautiful images just about anywhere, anytime. But you likely fell in love with a certain aesthetic in my portfolio, and I know to create those dreamy portraits that are totally centered on the couple, I need to be able to steal you away just before sunset on your wedding day. For the majority of the wedding day I am a fly on the wall: perhaps giving gentle posing direction, but generally documenting moments as they unfold. The sunset portrait session is my chance to steal you and your new spouse away for just a few moments and create some ahhh-mazing portraits of you. It doesn’t take long to make magic, but I assure you, building this selfish little block into your timeline promises authentic, stunning portraits of you and your husband.

There you have it! Want to start planning your wedding today? Let’s meet for coffee or a glass of wine and start dreaming. Limited 2018 dates are still available.

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