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Baby Tyler | Petite Newborn Session Recap

Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer

I’ve been good friends with baby Tyler’s dad, Eric, since high school. One of my favorite parts of being a newborn photographer is getting to photograph my friends’ babies, especially when I’m dying to try something new!

The idea of a newborn mini session is something I’ve been wanting to offer for awhile, but it just seemed so unattainable. And then the lightbulb went off: what if I kept the baby wrapped, with diaper on, the entire time? A full newborn session takes three hours because so much time is spent soothing baby and cleaning up messes. This is NOT a glamorous job, y’all. 

But, when baby is wrapped just right, magic happens. It’s like flipping a shark upside down – they just fall right asleep. Sure enough, our little shark Tyler passed right out and stayed asleep the ENTIRE session, allowing us to get through four sets and create 27 unique images in less than ninety minutes. 


So, the mom who had a really difficult delivery, or maybe she’s struggling with post partum depression or anxiety, who just cannot fathom spending three hours away from home just days after giving birth? She doesn’t have to decide between her health and beautiful, timeless portraits of her newborn that can never be recreated. She can have both. 

I was that mama, and that’s who I’m here to serve. 

All the details regarding petite newborn collections can be found here. Let’s make some magic together!

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