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Here’s to You, Wedding Guest.

I see you, wedding guest. Maybe it’s your niece getting married, or the groom was your college roommate, or you’ve worked with the bride’s parents for twenty years and she’s basically another daughter to you.

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You look awesome. You’ve got a sitter for the kids and are looking forward to an evening out, celebrating this happy occasion with people you may not have seen in forever.

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I may not know your story, or even your name, but I want you to know this: you are my favorite wedding detail. Wedding blogs and magazine editors obsess over picture-perfect florals and tablescapes, ring shots and dress close-ups. I love those things too, but they aren’t what’s most important. You are.

You’re important to my client, and that means you’re important to me. It may seem like we spend most of our time photographing the bride and groom – it is their wedding day and all – but I know firsthand that they want pictures of their guests having an amazing time, too.

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The reality is, you may not see these folks again for a while. Weddings are basically big ol’ reunions, and it might be a few years until the next one. It is one of my highest priorities to capture as many of you as I possibly can.

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These are the moments that will bring smiles for decades. These are the pages they’ll flip to in their wedding album with their children someday. This is what really matters.

So keep on doing your thing, wedding guest. Bear hug the groom, bust a move on the dance floor, just be present and have the time of your life tonight. I’ll be there to document it.

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