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I still remember when I first met the Dominick family. It was summer 2014, and I was VERY pregnant with Caroline. I was determined to have an unmedicated childbirth: I’d read the books, studied breathing techniques and positions, and even signed Adam and myself up for natural birth classes so we’d be ready for baby.

Danielle and Josh were the only other couple in our class, so we got to know them a bit. Their little boy, Fox, ended up being born two months early and just one day prior to Caroline, so we were in the hospital at the same time. I’ll never forget the look of anguish on her face when she shuffled into my room, still recovering from major surgery and birth, tears welling in her eyes as she worried about her sweet boy, rushed to another hospital miles away.

Fox is a tough dude, and you’d never know now about his dramatic entry into the world. Needless to say, I was THRILLED when Danielle reached out to book me for Baby #2! I’ve been counting down with them, celebrating every week Sebastian stayed safe in his mama’s belly. Thank goodness she made it to her due date! I can’t even imagine how good it felt to be in the recovery unit with her baby this time!

Sweet little Sebastian was so freakin’ good to us. He barely made a peep his entire session. Fox and his daddy spent the session exploring the Calvert Marine Museum, which allowed Danielle to really relax. I cannot recommend this enough for all of my families with older siblings! The museum is the perfect distraction for kids of all ages, and it’s just five minutes away from my in-home studio!

Thank you SO much for your trust, Dominick family. Can’t wait to see you again soon!

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