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How to Rock Parent Poses | Maryland Newborn Photographer

As a mom of two children, I know it’s hard to get in front of the camera – especially just a few days postpartum. However, I’m begging you not to skip those images of yourself! Those photographs will be SO loved by your child one day, and they’re my absolute favorite part of every newborn session.

You’ll be photographed from only the most flattering angles, in soft, beautiful light, and in poses that focus on connections and emotion. No matter your shape, size, body type, skin issues you may be experiencing, or even mobility issues you may have after giving birth, I can and will photograph you beautifully. This is a tough phase, and that you may not even recognize the woman in the mirror. It’s my goal to show you just how beautiful motherhood looks on you, even if you can’t see it yourself right now. Here’s a few tips to help you look and feel your very best when it’s your turn to be photographed!

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1. Save the Prep

You may not know it yet, but getting out of the house with a new baby is HARD. He may need to eat, or he may have a massive blowout as you’re walking out to the car – or both! For that reason, we recommend saving most of your hair and makeup routine for once you arrive at the studio. We always photograph baby solo first, leaving parent images until the very end of the session. You’ll have plenty of time to apply any finishing touches before we’re ready for you!

2. Focus on Lashes and Lips

The light we’ll photograph you in is seriously so forgiving and flattering, I wouldn’t even worry too much about applying much makeup! However, a little color on your lips and full lashes will make a HUGE difference in your images. I love a soft matte lip with just a hint of shine, and many mamas choose to apply false eyelashes to add a little volume.

3. Opt for Neutral and Comfy

When it comes to attire, the best choice is a flowing, comfortable top in a neutral color such as grey, cream, white, navy, or black. You will only be photographed from the chest up, so wear whatever is most comfortable on bottom! Most new moms opt for dark leggings or yoga pants.

4. Bring a Change of Clothes

Baby will most likely be naked while posing with you (all parts covered, of course!), so there is a chance of accidents. This happens all the time and is totally normal for us, but you may want to pack a change of clothes just in case!

I hope this post helps you feel empowered and excited for your newborn session! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m always here to help!

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