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Tips for Choosing A Getting Ready Location

You may not realize it now, but where you choose to get ready has a HUGE impact on the look and feel of your final wedding gallery! This is where your dress will be photographed, candid “hanging out” moments, all of your details, and even emotional moments such as putting on your wedding dress. This is the place where it will finally hit you – you’re getting MARRIED today!

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When it comes to the bridal prep area, ample natural light is priority one. Ideal locations have large windows with no artificial light sources (or at least, we need to be able to turn off overhead lights). Your make-up artist will need natural light, too, so ensure there’s at least two large windows so that we both have a place to work. The space should also have light neutral walls (white, dusty blue, light grey, etc.) and neutral decor. This ensures imagery that won’t clash with the color palette of your wedding, or worse, cause unflattering color casts on your skin!

You’ll also want to ensure that the space you choose is roomy enough to house you, your bridal party, close family members, 1-2 hair and makeup artists, and 2 photographers, PLUS belongings for all of those people. Needless to say, bridal suites get crowded FAST! It’s really common for there to be 20+ people in the room at any given time, and you’ll want to ensure there’s plenty of space to spread out.

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If you’re reading this and panicking, don’t worry just yet! A great photographer can work wonders with just a large window if needed. When you’re touring venues, pay special attention to the bridal suite. Would it feel like a cave if you turned off the lights? Is it large enough? Is the decor neutral and bright, and does it complement your wedding palette?

One option may be to rent a hotel suite or an Air B&B to ensure an ideal space. And if we simply have to work with what we’ve got, don’t worry! We always arrive well before our scheduled start time in order to settle in, survey the area, and find the best possible lighting conditions available for your photographs. Just trust us!

Have questions about your getting ready space? You can always send me a photo, or we can even go check it out together!

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