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So, this one is a fun story! Baby Oliver’s grandmother, Lynette, is an old coworker who I’ve known for years. Back before the holidays, she even brought big sister Bradley to the studio for a glitter session! We had a ton of fun there, but I was definitely a little nervous coming into the newborn session. They’d received it as a gift from Lynette, and photography is SO personal – what if they didn’t like me or my style? What if Bradley didn’t remember me?!

Well, all of those silly fears were squashed before I even got to their front door, as Bradley came bounding out to meet me! She couldn’t wait to introduce me to her new baby brother and her parents! We all felt like old friends in no time, and soon got to work photographing this sweet little guy.

Megan and I had chatted a little about prep before the session, and I told her that as long as we had access to good natural light and neutral walls, we’d be set. I had to laugh when I walked in and realized they were in the middle of a full house renovation! Imagine floors stripped down to the subfloor and walls with paint swatches, waiting to be finalized. Totally the sort of project I’d take on at the end of a pregnancy, too! But guys, I am serious – NONE of that matters! All that I need are people that love each other and beautiful light to put them in. That’s exactly what these four gave me!

Let this be a reminder that no matter how crazy of a season you may be in, it deserves to be documented. Whether it’s a home renovation or wanting to lose weight or whatever may be holding you back – don’t let it! I am so thankful that Megan trusted me enough to welcome me into their home for this session. It’s one of my favorites ever, and I can’t wait to see you guys again!

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