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Our First Family Roadtrip!

In mid-February we headed to Florida for my brother Ben’s wedding! This was the first time we’ve really taken a trip as a family of four, and I won’t lie, I was nervous about all the logistics!

The plan was to take two days to drive down, spend a few days at my dad’s house in St. Petersburg, then head to Amelia Island for the weekend of the wedding. Then we headed BACK to my dad’s house for another day or two, and then finally back home! On top of all that, Caroline and Ellie were also flower girls in the wedding! AHH!

I’m thrilled to share that we had an AMAZING week together! The first night, when we finally checked into the hotel, I just looked at Adam and said “I can’t believe we’re on our first family vacation!” It wasn’t quite fair though, because the girls all piled into one bed with me and Adam got the other one all to himself! He did drive most of the way though, so I suppose he deserved the good sleep.

I couldn’t believe how well the girls did in the car, too! We had about 14 hours of drive time, each way, and they were total rockstars. We don’t allow them to have iPads and don’t have TV’s in the car, so I was nervous. I made each of them a small activity bag with Color Wonder books and markers, Water Wow books, and special snacks to pace out through the trip, and they were totally content with that! We also made a point to stop and stretch our legs every 2-4 hours, and probably would’ve stopped even more frequently if it hadn’t rained so much!

Finally we got to sunny Florida! The weather was beautiful, we got to see so much family, and the girls totally stole the show as flower girls in the wedding. Here’s a few of my favorite photos from our time at the beach and the rehearsal dinner! Can’t wait until our next Florida trip!

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