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Madison’s Cake Smash Session!

A Luxe Cake Smash Session | Maryland Baby Photographer

Happy birthday, Madison! This sweet girl came to the studio for a cake smash session this week, and she totally delivered! This session was so good for my soul. I designed the concept and set myself, and it felt so good to have creative control and watch my vision come to life! When I dreamed this up, I wanted it to feel celebratory and youthful, yet timeless and baby-focused. It’s so important to me that the child always remains the focus of my images! Madison is the reason for all of this, and I never want to lose sight of that in my set designs.

Of course, I have to thank my wonderful assistant Leigh for baking the cake and for helping to create the balloon installation! Here’s something you might not know about me: balloons give me MAJOR anxiety. I’m just going to consider these sessions my immersion therapy, because we had a blast with this!

Madison was a little hesitant when she first arrived to the studio, which is totally normal and to be expected! Babies at her age are starting to experience both stranger danger and separation anxiety, so we made sure to take our time and let her get to know us before starting the session. It totally worked because she was flashing us toothy grins in no time!

The taupe-colored romper is a new studio piece available for clients to use for their sessions. However, Madison arrived in a baby Lilly Pulitzer dress, and I just had to photograph it! Turns out that mom is also a Lilly girl, so we have that in common. I love the pop of color the baby shift brings to the gallery!

Please enjoy a few favorites from Madison’s session below! And to Kristin, thank you so much for trusting me to create these!

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