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Building a Brand: Choosing Joy and Storytelling

It’s finally time to reveal the big announcement I’ve been teasing out on social media this week. You guys had some good guesses as to what it might be. The most common were that I was pregnant (NOPE!) or opening a studio in a commercial space (also no!).

If you thought it was that second one, this change is probably going to shock you. I’ll admit, both Adam and Leigh were like, “are you sure?!” when I first told them about it. But it feels right, as if everything has been leading to this all along. So, without further ado, here it is!

As of the end of 2019, I will no longer offer studio sessions, including posed newborns. Now, before anyone faints of shock, let me explain the thought process here!

Weddings have always been endgame for me. I started this business because I wanted to create beauty, to bring joy to others, and to tell their stories. Coupled with a lifelong love of weddings and past experience in the industry, it was only a matter of time before they became my focus. With 10 weddings booked for 2019 and 5 already on the calendar for 2020, that time is now!

This was such a hard decision, but it’s one that I’m so happy about. The logo and website rebrand has been in work for MONTHS, and I totally cried tears of happiness when I hit publish. Sometimes it still doesn’t feel real that this is MY life, that these are MY images, and I’m the lucky girl that gets to serve these incredible couples and families. It’s a joy and a privilege, and I’m so thankful.

If you need some AWP in your life but you aren’t planning a wedding, we’ve still got you covered! We’re still offering in-home lifestyle newborn & milestone sessions, as well as outdoor portrait sessions throughout Maryland, DC, and beyond. If you’ve already got a studio session on the books with us, absolutely nothing will change with that either!

One of my business mentors describes entrepreneurship as pushing a boulder up a hill. It’s really hard and tiring and you can’t even see how close you are to the top, so you just keep pushing. But slowly, when you least expect it, you reach the top and the boulder starts to feel lighter. You’ve gotten stronger, others are helping you push, and it’s not so hard as it was in the beginning. My boulder is getting lighter by the day, and it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world. Thank you for joining alongside me for the push!

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