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Kayla Lee | A Baltimore Personal Branding Session

Kayla Lee | A Baltimore Personal Branding Session

Oh goodness, I can’t believe it’s been TWO WEEKS since I last blogged! Although it’s been quiet here, there’s been so much going on behind the scenes. At the end of June I attended the Creative at Heart conference, and it kiiiind of changed my life. I’ve been hard at work making some huge changes both in business and my personal life, and I can’t wait to share it all with you soon!

Anyway, amidst all the craziness, I had the pleasure of meeting Kayla for a personal branding session while she was in Baltimore, defending her thesis at Johns Hopkins University! Kayla is a photographer herself (check out her work here!), and we first connected online through our mutual mentor, Katelyn James. Talk about some serious pressure to deliver! I was so nervous on my way to campus, but all that faded away as soon as we met. Kayla and I have so much in common beyond just being photographers! She made the Ricky Bobby “what do I do with my hands” joke before I could, which means we have the same quirky sense of humor.

We talked about photography of course, but more importantly, we talked about what led us there and what brings us joy. Before I knew it, I was admitting to her one of my biggest, scariest goals for my business – something I hadn’t said out loud to anyone yet, but had been thinking about constantly since C@H. Without missing a beat, Kayla told me to go for it, which is something I so admire about her! Kayla has big goals too, and completing her Master’s degree is just one of many!

Kayla, thank you SO much for trusting me to create these images for you, and for spending your Sunday with me!

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