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Savanah & Ryan | A Beachfront Engagement Session

Savanah & Ryan | A Beachfront Engagement Session

I’m so excited to share this engagement session with you! Not just because it’s GORGEOUS, but because Savanah and Ryan are so relatable! Savanah was nervous and joked about how awkward she was – although Ryan was quick to say that HE wasn’t awkward! I assured her that it was totally normal to feel weird in front of the camera at first. But luckily, she had me to show her everything she needed to know and that in 20 minutes or less, the weirdness would pass!

Sure enough, these two were naturals and we found their best poses in no time. It really helped having Jefferson Patterson Park all to ourselves on a weekday evening! They picked the perfect location. The park also happens to be where they’re getting married this fall! Savanah and Ryan asked if we could go down to the beach, and I jumped on it! I work at Jefferson Patterson Park all the time, yet somehow had never actually been to the beach there.

This was my favorite part of the whole session! The glow filtered through the trees and made the water sparkle as the sun set. It’s always a little tricky shooting at the beach, as you have to catch the light from just the right angle to avoid hazy photos. Well, it turned out the perfect place to shoot required me to be just about waist-deep in the river! It was totally worth getting wet and sandy to get some epic sunset photos at the end. I’m seriously so proud of Savanah. For a girl that started the session so nervous, she jumped right into the water with no hesitation at the end! I think we found her happy place – scroll to the bottom to see what I mean!

Please enjoy getting to know these two through a few faves! Can’t wait for the wedding in October!

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  1. Steven Morris says:

    Beautiful pictures of my grandson Ryan and my new soon-to-be granddaughter Savanah!!!

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