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How to Choose the Perfect Veil

How to Choose the Perfect Veil

If you’re dreaming of creating epic, Pinterest-worthy, flying veil portraits on your wedding day, this post is for you! It may seem like all veils are created equally, but when it comes to creating these epic portraits, there are a few must-haves in order for it to work. I’m breaking down all of my best veil advice today based on what I’ve seen work really well!

Notice also, that this post isn’t titled “should you wear a veil”. That’s because I am 100% in favor of veils! I didn’t wear one on my wedding day, and it’s honestly one of my biggest regrets now. Your wedding day is literally the only day you can get away with wearing one, and it’s such a magical way to add some interest to your bridal look. Plus, they look amazing in photos and can seriously flatter your body! So read these tips and go shopping, girl!

Tip One: Opt for Off-White

This may seem like strange advice, but it’s actually pretty important! Pure white ends up looking blue on camera, and it can be a serious struggle to fix in post-production. For both the dress and the veil, definitely go with ivory or even a champagne shade! It’ll end up looking white in photos, and it’s more flattering on skin tones too. Win-win!

Tip Two: Go Long

In order to work some veil magic, we need lots of length. I’m talking fingertip length or even longer! Cathedral length is the DREAM. See the graphic below for definitions. Having lots of material gives us tons of options for portraits!

Tip Three: Avoid Heavy Beading

If you’re looking at the length and getting nervous about it feeling like “too much”, this last tip should give you some relief! Although beading on your gown is beautiful, we actually want to avoid beaded veils. The beading will make the veil heavy and make it much harder to get those dreamy portraits. A lighter veil will be more comfortable for you, too!

Bonus Tip: Places to Shop!

Your veil doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars! I actually recommend not spending too much on it, especially if you are purchasing one that’s chapel length or longer. It’s pretty likely to get snagged or stepped on in the course of a busy wedding day, and we don’t need that adding any stress!

Check out this veil I found on Etsy with amazing reviews! And it’s under $50 – that’s a STEAL to totally transform your portraits!

I hope these tips were helpful! If you’d like to chat about having me as your wedding photographer, click HERE to get in touch! Currently booking 2020 & 2021 wedding dates.

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