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An Old Town Alexandria Personal Branding Session

An Old Town Alexandria Personal Branding Session

Branding sessions are becoming a favorite of mine, and this one is no exception! I met Carol in Old Town Alexandria last week to create new content for her website, The Carol Ann Collective. Carol is the mom of one of my 2019 brides, and I was thrilled to connect with her again!

Old Town Alexandria is one of my favorite cities to photograph in any season, but it was particularly beautiful on this day! The trees were at the peak of fall foliage, and we were treated crisp autumn weather as we explored the city and enjoyed great conversation.

Branding sessions are wonderful because of the opportunity to connect one on one with a fellow entrepreneur. It’s so refreshing to work with someone who understands the challenges of working from home and running a small business. It’s hard work to be sure, but Carol and I both know how rewarding it is! I hope these images help her connect with her audience and take her brand to the next level. Please enjoy a few of my favorites!

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