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How to Get Great Detail Shots at Your Wedding

Wedding day details are one of my absolute favorite things to photograph, but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye! While these beautiful images may look simple, the process required to make them is anything but. The details are what make your wedding unique to you, and they truly tell the first chapter of the story of your wedding day. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when planning to make sure you get the dreamy, beautiful detail shots you’re dreaming of!

Allow for Plenty of Time

These beautiful images take so much more time to create than you might think! Because your wedding day details are unique to you, there’s no shortcut or blueprint your photographer can follow to create images from them.

For my couples, I build in a minimum of one hour for details, right at the beginning of the wedding day. And honestly, I usually start at least 30 minutes early to give myself even more time!

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Access to Natural Light

Natural light is a MUST for accurately capturing details! If the space where you’re getting ready doesn’t have big windows or room to spread out, your photographer will likely need to take your details to another location to photograph them. I often find myself photographing details on front porches, in doorways, even under skylights!

Provide Extra Pieces

Make sure your photographer has every single piece of your stationery, plus extra copies of key pieces like envelopes and the invitation! We’ll need at least two of anything that’s double-sided, otherwise we won’t be able to capture the full design in one shot.

Bonus Tip: Opt for Contrast!

Stationery suites with lots of contrast and bold, defined calligraphy photograph best! If it’s difficult to read in person, it’ll be nearly impossible in a photograph. The image above is an example of a great suite. The white paper pops against the deep green envelope, which is the perfect surface for the beautiful white calligraphy.

I hope this helps with your planning! If you’d like to chat about having me as your wedding photographer, click HERE to start a conversation!

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