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Stories from Real Couples Impacted by Coronavirus | Megan & Evan

If you’ve been forced to reschedule your wedding due to coronavirus, you aren’t alone. Thousands of couples are now in this stressful and unprecedented situation, including my two of my clients, Megan and Evan. I asked Megan if she’d share their experience with you, and she agreed!

Megan and Evan’s wedding was planned for March 29th in Easton, Maryland. When we chatted over the phone in early March, neither of us were at all worried about coronavirus. In fact, I remember even feeling silly for asking if had any concerns about it!

Unfortunately, that would all change faster than we ever could’ve imagined. The CDC put bans in place for gatherings over 50 people on March 15th, just two weeks prior to their wedding. It was devastating, for me but even more so for Megan and Evan. Here’s what Megan had to say about the experience of postponing their wedding date.

How did you feel once the date was officially changed to August 16th?

Megan: “Relieved. Our venue gave us 3 future dates to choose from, and luckily all of our previous vendors were available!”

How did friends and family take the news of the postponement? Was anyone especially helpful or comforting?

“Everyone was sad but encouraging that the new date would be even better! We had great vendors who made rebooking a breeze. Especially Amanda who went above and beyond to cheer a bride up!” {I didn’t tell her to say that!}

Did you do anything special on your original wedding date?

“It was gorgeous outside on March 29th. We spent the day outside, cooked dinner together, and had a movie night over a couple bottles of wine!”

What are you looking forward to now?

“We luckily had everything done so now we can sit back and relax and wait for new RSVPs to roll in. The bright side of postponement is that now there’s no stress planning or preparation close to the wedding! Our wedding is in 5 months and we are ready. I’m looking forward to just enjoying the summer.

What advice would you give to couples that are also in the position of having to postpone their weddings?

“Allow yourself to feel disappointed, but make the best of your new date and extended time as an engaged couple! I definitely allowed myself to feel a little sad on our would-be wedding day. Now that it’s passed, I’m excited for our new date and knowing that if not for rescheduling, the wedding be all over already. Now I have something to look forward to to get us through the next few months!”

I hope this has been helpful! If there’s anything I can do to help you during this time, send me a note.

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