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What I’ve Learned in Quarantine

As I write this, we’re on day 34 of The Great Pause of 2020. The coronavirus has literally forced my workaholic, Enneagram 3 self to slow down and actually examine the life that I’ve created, and to find the things that fill me with joy and purpose OTHER THAN work. Like:

-my sweet, sweet family.
-bike rides.
-watercolor painting.
-baking & cooking.
-making the bed.
-cocktails on the porch.
-putting on an outfit I feel great in.
-travel (obviously not happening right now, but I sure have been daydreaming about it)
-my friends.
-getting lost in a book.
-watching a movie.
-time outdoors.

Caroline on a Zoom call with her class. At least the office is still getting used!

These are some of the things that I hope stick around once this is all behind us. In the same way, I’ve also thought a great deal about things I’ll have to sacrifice in order to make room for those non-work sources of joy, which leads me to a big announcement…

Effective May 1st, I am exclusively a wedding photographer only and will no longer be accepting new portrait clients.

This was not an easy choice to make, because I love all of my clients dearly. I’ve been a family photographer literally since day one, but truthfully, that’s mostly because I thought I was supposed to. I told myself, everyone photographs portraits and the thing that truly makes their heart sing.

I’m choosing to lean in to whats brings me unparalleled joy – weddings.

With the wedding industry in crisis due to COVID-19 and the economy tumbling, there couldn’t be a scarier time to make this decision. And yet, I feel complete calm and peace in this calling. Over the past several weeks I’ve had the privilege of helping my spring couples through the devastation of having to postpone their weddings, and as hard as that has been, I know this is where my talents are best used.

For my existing clients, please know that I am still your photographer for life! If I’ve ever photographed you before, I am happy to continue to do so as long as you’ll have me. We’ll still keep in touch on social media and through the newsletter, and you’re welcome to book a portrait session with me at any time.

If you’ve been waiting to book a session with me and want to get in before the doors close on May 1st, send me a note! We can get you on the books now and schedule the session once coronavirus has passed.

Otherwise, I’d love it if you’d share my name with loved ones that might be searching for the perfect wedding photographer. This is an unprecedented time to be planning a wedding, and I’m here to help couples walk through it with confidence (and stunning photos, of course).

Stay safe and stay healthy, friends!

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