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A Southern Maryland Maternity Session

The Miller Family

I’m so excited to share these maternity portraits with you, but I have to confess – they almost didn’t happen! Lyndsey and I made plans to shoot at her friend’s private property in Chaptico, an area of southern Maryland that was devastated by flooding a few weeks ago.

So I’m driving to this gorgeous location when all of a sudden – the road in front of me is blocked off due to flooding damage, AND my phone dropped service. I was seriously panicking, thinking not only did I have no way to get to the location, but I couldn’t even call Lyndsey to figure out a Plan B!

Fortunately I was able to backtrack, call Lyndsey, and find an alternate route. When I arrived, I was blown away by how gorgeous the property was! Lyndsey’s friends own Goldpetal Farm, a stunning sunflower farm that we visit every year on Ellie’s birthday.

However, it was totally different getting to experience the farm without a crowd! The owners were so kind and welcoming, showing us all the best locations. The zinnia patch is always a favorite of mine, and this day was no exception!

I’ve photographed the Miller family three times before today, so this shoot truly felt like spending a morning with old friends. Lyndsey was absolutely GLOWING! This session took place right around the 30-week mark for her, which is ideal. It’s far enough along that the bump is well-defined, but not so far along that she’s uncomfortable.

Harbor has gotten SO big! She had the biggest smile on the entire time and was totally content exploring the farm and watching for planes in the sky. I’ll always remember Harbor as one of the easiest newborns I ever photographed, and apparently that easygoingness is here to stay!

Can’t wait to meet the new baby later this fall! Until then, enjoy a few (okay, a LOT) of favorites from his or her maternity session!

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