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Taylored Vows Branding Portraits

Taylor’s session could be Exhibit A in trusting the process when it comes to creating great personal brand portraits! She and I first met while working together at Brooke and Orlando’s elopement last summer, and we’ve been in touch ever since. Taylor’s brand has absolutely EXPLODED since then – this girl is seriously unstoppable. I was thrilled and honored when she reached out to me to book this session!

In case you don’t already know her, Taylor is the owner of Taylored Vows, an officiant and wedding planning company based in Baltimore, Maryland. She’s incredibly relatable and approachable, and I wanted this to come across in her branding portraits.

Haven Street Ballroom was an obvious choice for her branding portraits, as Taylor is also the venue manager at HSB! Not only does the venue have personal significance for Taylor, it’s also a photographer’s DREAM. A large, totally neutral space with tons of natural light – it’s the perfect location for a shoot like this one. We made it feel a little homier by incorporating items from Taylor’s own home, such as her favorite business books and a cozy knit blanket.

My favorite moment was also a rather unexpected one. When photographing business owners, I like to ask them to walk me through their processes and show me how they do what they do. When I asked this of Taylor, she picked up her iPad, showed me a few illustrations she’s created … and absolutely LIT UP. I saw the real Taylor right then, and it was such a joy! There’s nothing quite like watching people talk about their passions.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Taylor’s branding session, and be sure to go check her out HERE!

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