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A Romantic DC Elopement

Emilee & Stephen

This elopement looks like a European fairytale, but in reality, we were in the heart of DC! Emilee and Stephen were supposed to have a destination wedding in Tuscany last year, but COVID dashed those plans. So instead, they pivoted to what they’d really always wanted: an intimate elopement with just the two of them!

They wanted the day to still have an Old World feel as a nod to their original wedding plans, and Tudor Place was the perfect venue for the task. It’s one of my absolute favorite places in DC! The gardens were bursting with spring color as soft, glowy light filtered through the trees.

One of the perks of getting married in Washington, DC is the ability to officiate your own wedding! This means that couples can truly exchange vows privately – without even an officiant in attendance. To be one of the only people in attendance as Emilee and Stephen promised their lives to each other was such an honor and something I’ll never forget. It’s such a privilege to have a front row seat to moments like this one! The self-officiated ceremony was heartfelt and emotional, yet full of inside jokes and Eminem lyrics that personalized it perfectly.

Emilee and Stephen met eight years ago, so it’s no wonder that they’re complete naturals in front of the camera! It felt like we were instantly comfortable together and they trusted every bit of instruction I threw their way. My assistant Sam came along as well to help create some epic veil portraits!

After the ceremony, we headed downtown for a picnic to celebrate. Emilee loves willow trees and beautiful views, so I knew Constitution Gardens would be the perfect picnic spot! Somehow we practically had it all to ourselves, even in the middle of a beautiful afternoon.

This wasn’t quite the elaborate destination wedding they’d planned, and yet, it was absolutely perfect. The entire afternoon felt like a fairytale and I’m so thrilled to have witnessed it all! I know this has been an incredibly hard year for engaged couples, but this goes to show that if you focus on what’s most important – the marriage – everything else will fall into place.

Congratulations, Emilee and Stephen!

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