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A Sunrise Anniversary Session in DC

Katie & David

Get ready to view epic portraits YEARS in the making! Katie and David were married five years ago, and as much as they loved their wedding day, they didn’t get the classic DC portraits they’d wanted. As time passed, Katie just couldn’t let go of the idea of these portraits. So much has changed in that time – they’ve had two kids, and in fact, Katie is now a photographer herself! With her wedding dress still hanging in the closet and their five year anniversary approaching, Katie decided it was the perfect time to create these gorgeous DC portraits she’d wanted all along.

Enter: me! I “met” Katie where so many photographers meet these days: a Facebook group. She and I are both students of Katelyn James, and when Katie posted in our student group about this idea, I couldn’t help but jump on it. I’m a HUGE believer that it’s never too late to go for what you really want, and the idea of these epic anniversary portraits in the heart of DC was right up my alley.

You’d never know it from these photos, but the morning of this session was COLD! That 4:30AM alarm was rough but so worth it. Even meeting at sunrise, the National Mall was still teeming with running groups and seniors taking graduation portraits. The Lincoln Memorial was crowded as always, but we had Constitution Gardens all to ourselves!

While photographing another photographer’s wedding was actually one of my 2021 goals, I seriously underestimated how nerve-racking it would be! Katie is a talented photographer herself and knowing how long she’d dreamed of these portraits, my expectations for myself were so high. Fortunately, Katie and David made my job a breeze! They’re both over a full foot taller than me, but thanks to my stool and some expert posing moves, you’d never know it!

I’m SO thankful that our paths crossed and that Katie chose me! Now, enjoy just a handful of favorites – seriously, it was so hard to narrow it down even to this!

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