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A Rainy Baltimore Engagement Session

Cristina & Mark

If you are worried about rain on your wedding day or engagement session, this post is for you! There was no threat of rain leading up to Cristina and Mark’s engagement session, but as I drove into Baltimore, I could see ominous clouds gathering over the city. I knew we’d need to shoot quickly and have a rain plan in mind just in case!

Fortunately for me, Cristina and Mark were immediate naturals in front of the camera and we were able to make magic right away! Thanks to the impending storm, we had Fells Point practically to ourselves. Mark works nearby, so this location made so much sense for them as they spend lots of time in downtown Baltimore. We explored the residential areas and right as we were wrapping up, the rain began to fall.

We popped into the Sagamore Pendry hotel to escape the rain and a quick outfit change. While waiting in the lobby, the most beautiful mural featuring the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner caught my eye. The portrait of them in front of it quickly became one of my favorites! Fortunately the rain cleared out again soon, and we headed back outside.

I know rain isn’t ideal, but in most cases, it’s something we can totally work around! Overcast skies are actually great for creating portraits. The light becomes incredibly soft and flattering, allowing us to take advantage of locations that wouldn’t normally be useable on a day with full sun. Inclement weather tends to drive away many tourists, too, meaning we have fewer people to work around in popular areas.

Cristina and Mark didn’t let the rain stop them, and the results were STUNNING! If we can make all this magic on an ordinary rainy day, I can’t wait to see what their wedding has in store. Check back later this spring to see their wedding recap!

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