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I am SO BEHIND on blogging lately! It’s outta control, guys. But I’m here and THRILLED to share some of my favorite images from baby Martin’s newborn session a few weeks ago! Jaxson is absolutely the sweetest little peanut. He slept for just about his entire session – in fact, he was sleeping so deeply, […]

Baby Martin {Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer}

Nov 28, 2017


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Congratulations, you’re about to have a baby! You’re probably Googling at all hours of the day: looking for the best car seat, the fastest route to the hospital, researching where your pediatrician went to med school juuuust to make sure it’s legit. I beg of you: give the same amount of care to choosing a […]

How to Choose a Newborn Photographer

Aug 18, 2017


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This session was so special. Shandi and I worked together a few years ago and when I found out she was expecting her second baby, I knew I just had to photograph her! Shandi and her husband, Ian, have gone through so much for their babies, and their love and gratitude for their children just […]

Baby Lylian | Amanda Wose Photography

Mar 31, 2017


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Jaxon’s newborn session was like stepping in to a time machine. When Marie told me that her older son, Kenny, was just 21 months old, I knew what we would be in for – that’s exactly the age spread between my girls. Kenny kept us on our toes, but nonetheless we had an absolutely wonderful […]

Baby Jaxon | Amanda Wose Photography

Feb 6, 2017


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There’s no time sweeter or faster-fleeting than the newborn weeks. The cycle of sleepy snuggles and loooooong feeding sessions, punctuated by one joyous milestone after another (was that a smile or just gas?!), seem like they’ll never end, but they do. That’s why I feel called to document it for my clients, to create art […]

Baby Hancock | Amanda Wose Photography

Jan 25, 2017


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