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“How do you want to be photographed?”

How do you want to be photographed? I begin all consultations with this simple question. Because it’s not about me, it’s about you.

Let me show you your greatest possible self. The beautiful soul that your family and friends adore. You are enough, you are worth it, you are valuable.

Great portraits are a side effect of genuine human connection. And so I ask again: how do you want to be photographed?

Debbie knew exactly how she wanted to be photographed. She and Kyle were celebrating 26 years of marriage, and it’d probably been about that long since they’d been photographed together. As she sat in the stylist’s chair, Debbie scrolled through my website (which was awesome!), showing me images she liked best.

This experience was all about them. Together, we created images that perfectly capture Debbie and Kyle, and made them into portraits that will be here long after we’re gone.

We added to their legacy. We preserved their best selves.

How do you want to be photographed? Let’s create something beautiful together.

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I'm a storyteller at heart. This journal is peek into my clients' love stories and dearest family milestones, my own life and travels, and my best tips and tricks for a stellar experience in front of the camera.