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AWP Mentorship FAQs: Answered!

The AWP Mentorship Program

The secret is out: I’m starting a mentorship program! (PHEW that was scary to write!)

When I first started my business, I desperately craved in-person mentorship. Online courses were great, but I needed someone to take a look at MY business and offer feedback tailored to me. I needed actionable steps, a plan to get me through the hustle phase. And I couldn’t find it anywhere. Most photographers I admired had location restrictions on their mentorship services, presumably so as to avoid training their competition.

I hate that mentality. 

Like Taylor Swift says, you’re the only one of you and baby, that’s the fun of you. What I know now is that there’s room for ALL of us at the table, and we all bring something unique to it. I truly believe that other photographers aren’t my competitors, they’re my colleagues. We’re all just trying to navigate this world of entrepreneurship, and to love and serve our clients in the unique way that each of us can.

If you’re nodding along in agreement, the AWP mentorship program might be for you. Mentorship sessions are available for business and photography, and they offer focused, one-on-one, in-person education. All for the cost of what you’d typically pay for headshots. (Oh, and you’ll get those, too!)

All of the program details and application can be found here, and below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions!

Is this just for photographers?

Nope! The business track content is specifically designed to apply to all creative small business owners. However, the photography track is geared towards portrait photographers. Think of the photography track as a 201-level course. We assume that you have a DSLR and generally know how to use it, but maybe you want to learn how to create more consistent photos or how to pose your clients. Check out the full descriptions for each track here!

Can I enroll in both the business and photography tracks?

Absolutely! Each track includes three full hours of in-person education, plus a 30-minute headshot session. Or, you can enroll in both tracks and receive a full day of mentorship, plus lunch and a full 60-minute personal branding session!

When and where will the sessions take place?

After you enroll, you’ll receive a link to my calendar to book an appointment as soon as mid-September, with appointments available through the end of November. Mentorship sessions take place in Lusby, MD.

How do I sign up?

Head to this page for all of the details and to apply! The first round of mentorship sessions is only open to five participants, and enrollment won’t open again until 2020.

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